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Last nights dinner was such a wonderful experience. We will have you
back again! We were all impressed at how organized you were with
supplies and that you really can have dinner made/served/cleaned up
within 2 hours.

Dinner was delicious and our guests were impressed and enjoyed the
experience. Speaking of the experience, you made the night with
interesting conversation, and how to’s.

All in all a must do again experience.


Rick Yeates

Thank you so much for doing a fabulous job at my sister’s home. She could not stop raving about it. She is a very special person and the best sister anyone could ever have. She gives so much but it is difficult to be able to give back to her. She has everything she needs so there is no sense in buying her anything. She does have a passion for cooking so when I came across this deal, I thought it would be perfect and it was. Her husband and son were thrilled as well. I cannot say enough. You don’t know how much it meant to me to be able to give her something she really enjoyed.

Hopefully there will be a next time and I will be able to join in on the experience!

Thanks again,

Deirdre Cadman


Thanks again for a wonderful meal Pino. Kat really appreciated seeing me in an apron!

Marlene and Jeff (and Hank too)
What an incredible evening. Thank you for the interactive cooking class and wonderful meal. We had a blast.!
It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are so genuine and charismatic. We enjoyed having you in our home.
We will work on a date for a dinner party and be in touch.
Take care and enjoy the long weekend.

Ps I am making the scallops as an app Saturday night
Hi Pino,
Thank you for a most delicious meal and all the tips on how to do it ourselves.
We are telling all our friends about your services and hope that some will take advantage of this great experience.


Hi Chef Pino,

Entertainer, and story teller extraordinaire! Pino joined us tonight to help me pull off an early Valentine’s Day surprise for my girlfriend: a 5-course Italian dinner, all ready in an hour!  Seared scallops, pasta with kidney beans, a delicious aperitif, juicy salmon atop melt-in-your-mouth risotto, and a grand finale affogato.  Simple ingredients, quick & easy preparation, and Pino’s relaxed & easy-going demeanor made for a wonderfully unique dinner experience at home!  To make the evening just right, Pino delighted us with stories from Italy and learning the art of cuisine through family traditions.  We are already thinking about when to have him over next, at home again or for a small, intimate dinner with close friends.  Five-star recommendation … you won’t regret it!
~ Matt, Real Estate Agent/Investor, Toronto-Annex

Today we had Pino come over to make us a post Valentine’s meal and we
couldn’t have been more happy about it! We had never had the
experience of a personal chef and Pino set the bar very high. Not only
was the food incredible but he was eager to educate us on cooking and
picking quality ingredients. His friendly personality and his personal
touch made this meal very special. This will be the first of many
times we will call on Pino! Thank you so much!

Have a great day Pino!

Chris and Claudia


Hey Pino:

Thanks for the great meal and conversation last night. We truly enjoyed your food and your company!
Here’s a pic for your collection.

All the best.
Gary & Cheryl.



Once again Stefanie and I wanted to thank you for a spectacular dinner last night. My mom was truly surprised and everyone thoroughly enjoyed not only the food but your personality and sense of humour as well. A great time was had by all. We will be sure to stay in touch.

All the best,

Erick Bauer • APEX

Thank you Pino.  My parents had a great time and said you were so likeable and the food was excellent.
Hey Chef Pino!!
I just wanted to thank you for and educational lesson in food and an amazing!!
Happy cooking,
PS – my sister like your pasta ;)
Hi Pino,Thank you again for this evening. It was wonderful! Lets stay in touch

Thanks again Pino – wonderful experience and we will absolutely be calling again! Rebecca


Hi Pino.  Just wanted to thank you for preparing the dinner for us for New Year’s Eve.  It was great … and so much food…we’re still enjoying it.



Hi Pino,

Thanks again for your great dinner. It’s our honor to have you in our home!



Hi Chef,

You just left, and we had a great time! Thank you!



I AM NOT A FOODIE: Cooking With Chef Pino, the Chef on Two Wheels

I AM NOT A FOODIE: Cooking With Chef Pino, the Chef on Two Wheels


A shot of the van Chef Pino drives to carry all the goods for his services!He’s had to upgrade to four wheels since his start all those years ago, but everything else remains much the same!

Today we take a short break from the November to Remember series to talk about an amazing experience I had last night, which involved one of the few things that’ve paralyzed me in my tracks for years —

— cooking.

Back when my Dad used to run a restaurant, he would give me my first set of jobs ever. While I was really good at customer service and bookkeeping, there was one thing I really sucked at — and that was anything having to do with the kitchen.

No matter how hard I tried, I could never do prep work fast enough. Or cook anything right. The only thing I was good at in the kitchen was messing up. So after I got through that horrendous experience, I never got anywhere near cooking again!

So imagine my surprise when Buytopia.ca offered me the chance to get a 2-hour cooking class, where Chef Pino Padula would teach me how to make a 5-course meal, presumably without burning down the house!

Who is Chef Pino?

A shot of Chef Pino from his website.Chef Pino at work. Source: http://thechefon2wheels.com/main/

Born and raised in Bari, Italy, Chef Pino got an early start in the restaurant biz when his father would pay him 10¢ a day to do dishes. Many days (and many more dishes) later, he would save up enough to buy his first bicycle. Continuing to work in restaurants as he went through his teenage years, more responsibility meant more money, the bicycle became a motorcycle and the legend of The Chef on 2 Wheels was born!

Chef Pino is an extremely personable gentleman who strives to get to know his clients and treats everyone with the same amount of respect. You get the same Chef Pino whether you spent your last dime hiring his services or you’re working on making your next million. He’s polite, he’s classy and he’s secure enough in knowing what he’s doing that he has no problem sharing his recipes and methods with you!

And for a couple of hours, he was bringing decades of experience (from such celebrated places as Toulà and catering for celebrities at both Toronto Fashion Week and the Toronto International Film Festival) to my home so he could teach me a thing or two… hundred.

The 5-course menu was lavish and offered tastes of things I normally wouldn’t have without finding a nice Italian restaurant to visit. The menu included:

Meat Menu

Appetizers: Thinly Slices Beef Carpaccio with Lemon Oil Dressing & Parmigiano Shavings

Pasta: Penne Alla Vodka

Intermezzo: Scroppino with Chaffonade Mint & Pink Peppercorn

Main Course: Encrusted Stuffed Pork Tenderloin  with swiss Cheese & Caramelized Onions

Dessert: Classic TAJAN Vanilla Ice cream in Affogato

Source: http://www.buytopia.ca/deal/2230/?skip=true&a_aid=casepam

Here’s a look at some of the prep work and outcomes of the food I got to try — everything was delicious!!!

What I Learned from Chef Pino Padula

You can’t help but learn from Chef Pino. There were little tips and tricks I’d pick up as he worked — like not putting the sauce in the skillet until the onions are translucent, or that hard cheeses go with pork and soft ones with chicken — but here’s 3 key lessons I’ll take with me when I try to make meals of my own!

1. You Can’t Make Good Food from Ingredients Gone Bad!

Chef Pino would emphasize multiple times that the thing giving his food so much flavour was its freshness. He buys everything as close to the prep date as possible, only holding on to ingredients for short periods of time before they’re no longer good — and his attention to detail definitely pays off!

2. You Get What You Pay For

You might think that a sauce is a sauce is a sauce, but Chef Pino would tell you how wrong you are. He showed us that cheaper sauces include seeds and skins, making them bitterer the longer you cook them, while premium sauces had neither, making them sweeter the longer they simmer. And he had tips for every ingredient.

3. Eat the Food the Way You’re Meant To Eat It

When I went to another course without cleansing my palate first, Chef Pino pointed out that I wouldn’t be getting the true flavour of the food. After following his advice and taking a mouthful of sgroppino, I could note flavours that I never would have tasted otherwise! So here it’s important to:

  • use a palate cleanser
  • eat the food fresh off of the stove
  • eat enough to appreciate the food but not so much that you regret it — your state of mind is part of the dining experience

Years later, my Dad would tell me that there was a lesson he wanted to teach me those days I spent in his kitchen staff:

“I want you to learn about the things you hate to do so you’ll go out and do amazingly at the things you love.”

While he may have been right that cooking wouldn’t be my secret to success, I don’t think he intended to turn me off from cooking forever.

Before Chef Pino came along, the kitchen would be the last place you’d ever find me. I’d take any chore over cooking if ever given the choice.

It only took two hours for Chef Pino to give my confidence back, and in the end that’s better value than I would’ve gotten from any cooking show.

Have We Tempted You?

If you want to try this experience  yourself, Buytopia has a deal for Chef Pino’s services! Instead of the $320 you’d normally shell out for the service I just described, you can score it for $99!!! Vouchers are good until December 16, 2013; he also offers fish and vegetarian menus; and can come to any house in the GTA. These make awesome Christmas, anniversary or birthday gifts for the people who already have everything and are impossible to shop for. (To be honest, I got a couple of vouchers, myself!)

You can check the deal out here: http://www.buytopia.ca/deal/2230/?skip=true&a_aid=casepam

And if that’s not enough incentive, I had some good chats with Chef Pino himself, and he’s informed me that this just might be the last round of discounts before it goes back up to full price forever! The deal’s only on until midnight Sunday, December 16, so if you want it, you’d better get it while it’s hot!

Thanks for reading, and if you do get the chance to try what Chef Pino has to offer, let me know how it goes!


Hi Pino,
It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday evening. I truly enjoyed the evening, learned a lot  and the food was amazing.



Hi Pino,
A quick thank you – my dad & step mom said they had an amazing evening.
Hi there Pino, I wanted to thank you again for the lovely time Jeff and I had with you coming to Jeff’s house to share your wonderful talent of cooking, stories and entertainment.  It is easy to see why you are so successful with your business.  I feel privileged to have experienced your personal home culinary services and have talked a lot about your talents with many of my friends and colleagues

Here’s a little clip of Pino on Glutton For Punishment helping Bob beat the world record for most pizza’s made in 1 HOUR!


Pino of Chef on 2 Wheels on Daytime.